The History of Arsenal FC

The History of Arsenal FC

Supported by the Arsenal Independent Supporters' Association

The Arsenal History Society has two aims: to uncover the history of the club, to disseminate the information that we discover, and to persuade Arsenal FC to become ever more involved in celebrating its history and heritage.

Our work includes:

Publishing a series of booklets on Arsenal’s history which are distributed free to members of AISA. Four have been published so far, and a fifth is under discussion.

Running a daily blog at which explores different aspects of Arsenal’s history.

Publishing books written by members of the Arsenal History Society.  Three have been published so far…

  • Making the Arsenal – an account of the collapse and rebirth of Arsenal in 1910 told through the life of a Fleet Street journalist.
  • Woolwich Arsenal; the club that changed football – the definitive history of Arsenal from 1893 to 1915
  • The Crowd at Woolwich Arsenal – an investigation into crowd behaviour and attitudes during the early days of the club.

Details of all three books can be found on the home page of the Society’s blog via the link above.  We are currently working on two further volumes, one on Royal Arsenal and a book of Arsenal Anniversaries with others planned to follow in future years.

Additionally the Society is involved in working with other historians in terms of publications, and the volume “Arsenal in the 70s” which will appear at the end of 2013 has been produced with a significant contribution from two of the Society’s officers.  

Arsenal FC themselves have recognised the value of the work of the Society and we have had several meetings with senior members of the club.  In particular it was the Society that put forward the notion of having a series of statues around the Emirates Stadium that caused the statues to be erected.

Furthermore the Society has been invited to make contributions to the Arsenal matchday magazine, and we have developed both two series – Arsenal Uncovered which appeared in 2011/12 and History Notes which is appearing during 2013/14 in each programme.

We have also incorporated the complete statistical record of Arsenal through the years, which has been developed by Andy Kelly, the Vice Chair of the Society.  This is now available at

Because of our wide ranging work we are now recognised in many quarters as the definitive centre for information about Arsenal’s history, and we have been involved with programmes and research for a number of broadcasters, including TalkSport and Sky TV

If you have any queries about the Society or its work, or any ideas as to new projects that we might become involved in, please do email